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Hardware at Google IO

So my last post was about how, from looking at the Sessions list for Google IO 2012,  it looked as though Google had abandoned the hardware they presented at last year’s Google I/O. Now that IO 2012 is going on, we have some more information about what they’ve been doing.

  • Project Tungsten has turned into the Nexus Q, a music streaming device that Google is actually manufacturing (and manufacturing in the U.S., it seems)
  • Google launched their own tablet, the Nexus 7

More interestingly for me (and other robotics enthusiasts), is the remarkably quiet news that there’s a new ADK in town.

The ADK 2012 is still based on Arduino, but I haven’t found much info on it yet. The only picture I’ve seen is over at the Arduino blog. Apparently they distributed “a limited number” of them at IO, but it  wasn’t mentioned in the Keynote, like the original ADK was (now called ADK 2011).

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