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Android App for the Zeemote bluetooth controller

A few weeks ago I attended the Android developer conference, AnDevCon in San Francisco. One of the registration giveaways was this bluetooth remote control from Zeemote. It’s very small, and right now only a few games support it. I wanted to experiment with it a little bit, to see what else it might be useful for, and wanted to write a quick demo program. Since I learned about Fragments at the conference, I though I’d use this as an excuse to include them in my project.

One Fragment will display indicators for the 4 buttons on the controller. The other will represent the position of the joystick.

Zeemote does offer an SDK for interfacing with the device, and some code samples to help get started. You have to register by giving them your email address, then you can download the SDK.

Now, here’s my walkthrough for creating this demo app, using Eclipse.

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