National Robotics Week

National Robotics Week 2010 has come and gone, but left some cool robotics tech in its wake.

Wednesday’s Robot Block Party at Stanford was a blast, got to see some really cool displays from Willow Garage, Intuitive Surgical, Adept Technology, the Stanford Stickybot and DARPA Urban Challenge vehicle

Robot Block Party:


Then on Friday Adept had an Open House with lots of demos to show:

WiiMote-Controlled robot featuring an AdeptQuattro robot picking and placing parts on a moving robot, controlled by the user wielding a Nintendo Wii controller:


Here, the visitor draws graffiti onto an Apple iPad using GraffitiAnalysis. The tags are uploaded to a server, then downloaded by the robot controller and repeated in realtime:


And more demos (other videos may come later).

I may come back later and add more detail about some of the tech, but that’s a brief recap! Some pictures can be found on the flickr page, some videos on YouTube, look for the tags roboweek and roboweek2010!

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